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Why a Home Inspection?
Most people spend less than one hour going through a house before they make an offer to purchase it.  During that short time, prospective buyers are looking at many things, including the room sizes and layout, the location and landscaping, as well as, the appearance and function of the appliances and fixtures.  While all of these are important and play a major role in deciding if it is the right house for you, it's not enough time to determine if the main components of the house are sound and in good condition.

Our professional Home Inspectors take the time to evaluate and examine the condition and working order of all of the components of the home, as well as explain how they function and how to maintain them.  At the end, the Buyer will have a good understanding of the home and what to expect in the future.

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Now Available

When using The Inspection Center you can now get your home inspection report on a flash drive.  This plugs into any USB port on a computer.  Included on the drive is one of the most comprehensive home manuals available.
Of course, you can still get your report printed out on site or emailed to you.

The choice is entirely up to you.
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